Dongsha Island

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Dongsha Island,

South China Sea: see Pratas IslandPratas Island
, also called Dongsha Island
, in the South China Sea, controlled by Taiwan and administered as part of Kaohsiung. A national park, the island is part of an atoll and has guano deposits.
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The carrier led a group of warships and sailed 90 miles south of the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the disputed South China Sea, fuelling tensions between the two countries.
Moreover, as a country that borders the semi-enclosed South China Sea, and which controls Itu Aba and the non-disputed Pratas Islands in the northeast, Taiwan is a direct party to the dispute.
To the north of the Spratly Islands, both the PRC and Taiwan claim the Pratas Islands, while Vietnam, China, and Taiwan claim the Paracel Islands.
In 2000, Taiwan removed its marine corps troops from the Spratly and Pratas Islands.
Should China gain control over the Senkaku Islands and the Scarborough Shoal, claimed by the Philippines, together with the Paracel Islands, which Beijing has already obtained by force from Vietnam, the seas surrounding the Pratas Islands, under Taiwan's effective control, and Taiwan's territorial waters would be completely besieged by China.
Located in the South China Sea, the atoll of the Pratas Islands, with its azure waters and white, sandy beaches, was until recently a frontline military garrison.
The Spratly and Pratas islands are 1,120 kilometers and 390 km southeast and southwest respectively of Taiwan's southern port city of Kaohsiung.
19 Kyodo Taiwan will withdraw its marines stationed in the disputed Spratly and Pratas island groups in the South China Sea and replace them with coast guards, in a move seen as an attempt to reduce tensions in the area, reports said Friday.
Currently Taiwan has a battalion of marines deployed on both Tungsha island in the Pratas island chain and on Taiping island in the Spratly group.
Other South China Sea isles claimed by Taiwan are the Pratas Islands and the Macclesfield Bank.