Pravoslavlev, Pavel Aleksandrovich

Pravoslavlev, Pavel Aleksandrovich


Born Oct. 4 (16), 1873, in the village of Rakhinka, in what is now Sredniaia Akhtuba Raion, Volgograd Oblast; died Oct. 12, 1941, in Leningrad. Soviet geologist and paleontologist.

In 1898, Pravoslavlev graduated from Warsaw University, where he had studied under V. P. Amalitskii. He was a professor at the Don Polytechnic Institute in Novocherkassk (1909–13), the Military Medical Academy in Petrograd (1913–24) and Leningrad University (1918–41).

Pravoslavlev’s principal research dealt with the stratigraphic and paleontologic study of Neogene and Anthropogenic deposits in the Volga and Caspian Sea regions and with the hydrogeology of the Sea of Azov region and Western Kazakhstan.


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