precast concrete

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precast concrete

[′prē¦kast ′kän‚krēt]
Concrete components which are cast and partly matured in a factory or on the site before being lifted into their final position on a structure.

precast concrete

1. Material that reduces the need for onsite formwork with a process known as “tilt-up” construction, in which precast panels are lifted into a vertical position and then attached to the structural frame.
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2. Material that reduces the need for onsite formwork with a process known as tilt-up construction, in which precast panels are lifted into a vertical position and then attached to the structural frame.

Precast concrete

Concrete that has been cast into a form which is later incorporated into a structure. A concrete structure may be constructed by casting the concrete in place on the site, by building it of components cast elsewhere, or by a combination of the two. Concrete cast in other than its final position is called precast.

In contrast with cast-in-place concrete construction, in which columns, beams, girders, and slabs are cast integrally or bonded together by successive pours, precast concrete requires field connections to tie the structure together. These connections can be a major design problem.

Precast units can be standardized. Savings can then result from repeated reuse of forms and assembly-line production. Furthermore, high quality can be maintained because of the controls that can be kept on production under plant conditions. However, there is always the possibility that transportation, handling, and erection costs for the precast units will offset the savings. See Concrete, Prestressed concrete

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KM Repo manufactures and sells pre-cast concrete elements and ready-mix concrete, and has production plants in Savonlinna and Savonranta in Finland.
Finnish IT company Tekla Corporation said on Monday (28 October) that it had signed an agreement with Finnish pre-cast concrete company Suomen Betonitieto Oy to develop and localise Tekla modelling software for the Finnish pre-cast concrete industry.
The project consists of rehabilitation of dam, including 1) removing the upper portion of the left downstream masonry wall and sloping back the embankment to the crest; 2) constructing a stone masonry planter wall in front of the existing left downstream wall; 3) installing a pre-cast concrete block parapet wall at the top of the dam; 4) removing woody vegetation throughout the embankment and replacing with compacted fill; 5) regrading the downstream slope of the right embankment and constructing a pre-cast concrete gravity block wall; 6) relining the twin, 48" dia.
Finnish construction group Lemminkainen Oyj (HEL:LEM1S) unveiled yesterday an agreement to buy pre-cast concrete elements maker Suonenjoen Sementtituote Oy, without providing financial details.
The premises comprise two small courtyards of nursery industrial units, having a pre-cast concrete structural frame with an insulated sandwich roof.
The brick and ornamental pre-cast concrete facade of the new wing closely resembles the exterior of the original, historical high school building, erected in 1929.
The Danish pre-cast concrete producer NTR Holding A/S issued on Wednesday (26 April) its interim report for the first quarter, posting an operating result of DKK27m, as compared to DKK1m in the first quarter of 2005.
Aggregate runs 142 quarries in the UK and the US, with more than five billion tonnes of reserves, 164 readymix concrete plants, 90 asphalt plants and 32 pre-cast concrete factories.
The use of relatively lightweight polished pre-cast concrete panels also avoided extensive scaffolding during erection.
Smith-Midland Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses and sells a broad array of pre-cast concrete products for use primarily in the construction, transportation and utilities industries.
Tenders are invited for work consists of removing the existing precast concrete bridge slabs, caps, timber piling, then driving new prestressed concrete piling, placing new precast concrete caps, replacement of existing salvaged pre-cast concrete bridge slabs and related work.