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in architectural construction, a technique whereby large units of a building are produced in factories to be assembled, ready-made, on the building site. The technique permits the speedy erection of very large structures. It has been applied to urban housing for more than a century. Major architects, including Walter GropiusGropius, Walter
, 1883–1969, German-American architect, one of the leaders of modern functional architecture. In Germany his Fagus factory buildings (1910–11) at Alfeld, with their glass walls, metal spandrels, and discerning use of purely industrial features, were
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, Konrad Wachsmann, and Buckminster FullerFuller, R. Buckminster
(Richard Buckminster Fuller), 1895–1983, American architect and engineer, b. Milton, Mass. Fuller devoted his life to the invention of revolutionary technological designs aimed at solving problems of modern living.
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, have been involved significantly in the development of prefabrication. See also modulemodule.
1 Term derived from the Latin modulus, a unit of measure in classical architecture equal to half the diameter of a column at its base. This unit was used in proportioning the classical orders of architecture.
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The manufacture of standardized units or components, usually at a mill or plant away from the site, for quick assembly and erection on the job site.
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Dr Alan Rogan, Metek managing director, said: "This is an important development for us and the Laboursite Group as it will really give us the edge in the pre-fabrication sector.
Modular Construction & Pre-fabrication caters to senior level decision makers looking to take on new infrastructure projects in the region.
Redrow, founded in 1974 by 21-year-old Steve Morgan from a bungalow in Rhyl, North Wales, said it was launching a new housing range with higher levels of standardisation and pre-fabrication, in expectation the Government would ease planning restrictions on building new homes.
IQPC's North American Modular Construction & Pre-Fabrication Event Returns to Benchmark Top Strategies and Techniques in Modular Construction and Prefabrication
One of the most technically challenging elements of the project will see Shepherd Engineering Services deliver its largest ever pre-fabrication installation to date; installing and securing 120 prebuilt road deck sections across the Firth of Forth.
With our modular equipment offering, we provide detailed engineering design, procurement, and shop pre-fabrication of the process unit to provide the highest-quality end product.
Pre-fabrication will be performed at Aker Solutions' fabrications facilities at gotnes, Bergen.
Since pre-fabrication is done under factory-controlled conditions, we can offer consistent high quality throughout the project at minimum lead times, which means less manpower on site and higher productivity.
Added to MMP's existing divisions, the company says the acquisition means it will also be able to provide additional services on pre-fabrication projects, such as the builders and joiners needed to finish the structures.
We do not carry out any pre-fabrication ourselves so the extra processing services offered by Corus were very important to us.
Using HDPE, however, requires pre-fabrication of the pipeline into sections to allow the liner to be pulled in.
Innovative Modular Pre-Fabrication LLC ("Innovative") announces its acquisition of assets fromEggrock, Inc.