Precipitation Gage

precipitation gage

[prə‚sip·ə′tā·shən ‚gāj]
Any device that measures the amount of precipitation; principally, a rain gage or snow gage.

Precipitation Gage


(also rain gage), an instrument for measuring liquid and frozen precipitation. The precipitation gage designed by V. D. Tret’iakov consists of a container—40 cm high and with a collecting area of 200 sq cm—to collect precipitation and a protective shield to prevent the catch from being blown away. A precipitation gage is mounted with the collecting area of the container 2 mm above the ground. A graduated cup is used to measure the amount of precipitation in millimeters depth of water; frozen precipitation is measured after melting.


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The precipitation gage stations used for the Blanco River basin model were: Blanco, San Marcos, Fischer Store, and Wimberley 1 NW.
Precipitation input for a given subbasin was based on the location of the precipitation gage nearest to the centroid of the subbasin.
While large-scale spatial patterns in water availability are easily quantified by precipitation gage networks, or satellite imagery, large-scale data on nitrogen availability are not available.

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