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The act of making a weather forecast.
The forecast itself.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Aprediction is the action of foretelling future events, or prophecy. In his masterful An Encyclopedia of the Occult (1920), Lewis Spence refers to Andrew Jackson Davis’s amazing predictions of the automobile and the typewriter, both of which were given in 1856. The first practical automobile was the Benz of 1885 and the first practical typewriter was placed on the market by Remington in 1874. Davis said, “Look out about these days for carriages and traveling saloons on country roads—without horses, without steam, without any visible motive power—moving with greater speed and far more safety than at present. Carriages will be moved by a strange and beautiful and simple admixture of aqueous and atmospheric gases—so easily condensed, so simply ignited, and so imparted by a machine somewhat resembling fire engines as to be entirely concealed and manageable between the forward wheels. These vehicles will prevent many embarrassments now experienced by persons living in thinly populated territories. The first requisite for these land-locomotives will be good roads, upon which, with your engine, without your horses, you may travel with great rapidity. These carriages seem to be of uncomplicated construction.” About the typewriter, he said, “I am almost moved to invent an automatic psychographer—that is, an artificial soul-writer. It may be constructed something like a piano, one brace or scale of keys to represent the elementary sounds; another and lower tier to represent a combination, and still another for a rapid recombination so that a person, instead of playing a piece of music may touch off a sermon or a poem.”

In February, 1914, Australian Spiritualist medium Mrs. Foster Turner told Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, before an audience of nearly 1000 people, “Although there is not at present a whisper of a great European war at hand, yet I want to warn you that before this year, 1914, has run its course, Europe will be deluged in blood. Great Britain, our beloved nation, will be drawn into the most awful war the world has ever known. Germany will be the great antagonist, and will draw other nations to her train. Austria will totter to its ruin. Kings and kingdoms will fall. Millions of precious lives will be slaughtered, but Britain will finally triumph and emerge victorious.”

There have been many tens of thousands of predictions made that have turned out to beaccurate. Some are made as statements, some by mediums while in trance, some have been seen in dreams. Predictions are given based on astrological charts, on the layout of tarot and other cards, based on omens such as the sighting of animals or birds, based on the actions of people or animals, and so on. Predictions are the utterances of those who divine the future.


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