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1. the office, position, or area of authority of a prefect
2. the official residence of a prefect in France, Italy, etc.



(1) In Rome under the republic, a municipium (municipality) deprived by Rome of self-rule and placed under the supervision of a prefect. From the time of the emperor Constantine I at the beginning of the fourth century the term served to designate an administrative unit. The entire empire was divided into four prefectures—the East, Illyricum (Illyria), Italy, and Gaul—each of which was governed by a praetorian prefect.

(2) In Japan, the designation for the principal administrative and territorial units.

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Sensitivity of the local alerts system was determined by manual confirmation of matches for all confirmed cases in the VHF from the same prefectures and time period.
The office also has a branch in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.
According to a Kyodo News survey, beef from the 42 cows was distributed to 22 prefectures, including Tokyo and Yamagata, and reached consumers in eight prefectures, excluding Tokyo.
Nevertheless, as of the end of 2006, Saitama's per capita outstanding prefectural bonds were the third lowest among all prefectures.
A 62-year-old driver sustained minor injuries in the early hours Friday in another taxi robbery in Osaka Prefecture, police officials said.
Hokkaido prefecture (except in and around Sapporo), Aomori prefecture, Akita prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, Yamagata prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Nagano prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Fukui prefecture, Mie prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Kagawa prefecture, Ehime prefecture, Tokushima prefecture, Kochi prefecture, Oita prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Saga prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture, Okinawa prefecture.
The means for the two parameters across prefectures were calculated for each season.
But when considering such factors as business costs, local talent, location and quality of life, Ibaraki Prefecture rates particularly highly as an investment location.
Hiroshima ranked lowest among the 47 prefectures, scoring only six points in the poll, conducted for the fifth time.
Chiba, Kanagawa, Okinawa, Saitama and Shiga prefectures will gain seats, while Hokkaido, Oita, Osaka, Shimane and Yamagata prefectures will lose a seat apiece, according to calculations.
Twenty-six of the 47 prefectures said the donor card system has not become popular.