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"Now the Bradgate Park Trust, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, has arranged a rare opportunity to hear the inside story of the discoveries by Paul, an internationally recognised archaeologist and author who specialises in prehistoric art, winning the 2017 Current Archaeology Awards 'Book of the Year for Images of the Ice Age."
Discovered on December 18, 1994, it is considered one of the most significant prehistoric art sites and Unesco granted it World Heritage status on June 22, 2014.
The next meeting will be on February 9 at the Learning Room, Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Auckland Market Place, and will focus on art in archaeology, from creating their own prehistoric art to using modern techniques to analyse paintings.
Prehistoric Art (Stonehenge, Venus of Willendorf, Cave Tools ...)
In early prehistoric art, nude female figures called Venus figurines were fashioned and, in the later ages, nudity was represented in images of fertility deities and other gods and goddesses.
This extends to the protection of shipwrecks, sunken cities, prehistoric art work, treasures that may be looted, sacrificial and burial sites, and old ports that cover the oceans' floors.
"This seal should be included in all forthcoming art history texts, and will change the way that prehistoric art is viewed," Stocker said.
Although the definition of art has been altered regularly from the Prehistoric Art period, circa 2500 BC, to the post modern contemporary period which started roughly in the mid-20th century, art has always served as a depiction of reality.
On the spheres' surfaces, Losi has stitched drawings reminiscent of images of prehistoric art. In this way, the artist progresses from the microcosm of the egg (in Sphere of Influence) to the macrocosm of the universe (in Untitled) by way of human history.
As an artist she focuses on the exploration of prehistoric art, ancient symbols and motifs.