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The purpose of the expedition is to prove Herodotus' information about trade contacts between ancient Egypt and peoples along the Black Sea coast during the prehistoric era, reports BNT.
With no evidence of human settlements in the prehistoric era of Gobekli Tepe, speculation has been mounting as to who created the structure and why.
In addition, some 900 Sudanese workers and technicians from local communities were employed by various projects that involved excavation and conservation of heritage sites that date from the prehistoric era until the pre-modern period.
Its not surprising that hyenas, the great scavengers, also lived in the ( prehistoric era and that too in the freezing Arctic millions of years ago during the last Ice Age.
This year, the festival is travelling back to the prehistoric era as Kendal Calling Goes Jurassic, which includes a fancy dress parade, a unique performance by the Flat Cap Brass Band, themed treats at Tim Peaks Dinersaur's T-Rex T-Party and more.
Visitors are invited to meet some of the most fearsome creatures of the prehistoric era, with the exhibition showcasing over 200 million years of lost species.
Admission is free to the park, which features huts, barns, and tribal amenities reminiscent of the prehistoric era. Visitors can explore the many exhibition areas and learn about how our ancestors hunted for a living and honed their survival skills, according to the Cultural Affairs Bureau of New Taipei.
Earlier in November, ExoMars rover -- the European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian Roscosmos' joint venture to the Red Planet that will set out in 2020 -- also chose a landing site on Mars' equator called Oxia Planum, which had in the prehistoric era housed a massive pool of water.
Speaking to SANA, Historian Mahmoud al-Sayyed of the General Directorate of Archaeology and Museums said that the Syrian archaeological ruins, dating back to the prehistoric era, set clear evidence on the Syrians' dexterity in spatial organization of rural areas and provide a closer look at evolution of housing typologies from caves and huts into oval, circular and rectangular pit-houses.
This temperature-controlled theme park takes you back into prehistoric era of animals when they literally ruled the Earth.
Ayman Ashmawy, head of head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities sector said in a press release that the burials date back to the Prehistoric era in Egypt, specifically Naqada III.
Sandersi was a marine bird, not a flying reptile of an earlier prehistoric era. The fossilized skeletal parts of the largest bird ever are in the Charleston Museum collections in South Carolina.