Preliminary estimate

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Preliminary estimate

Project costs prepared by the architect during the development phase for the guidance of the owner.

statement of probable construction cost

Cost forecasts prepared by the architect during the schematic design, design development, and construction documents phases of basic services for the guidance of the owner.
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The preliminary estimates and guidance provided herein have been prepared by, and are the responsibility of, management.
Before the current system, preliminary estimates of GDP were announced around the time the current 2nd Preliminary Estimate is released, and this was strongly criticized for being too late for making comparisons with other countries.
Object of the contract is a contract for the production of preliminary estimates for the implementation of the 2014-2020 financial instruments and of ex post assessments of instruments for research, development and innovation (rdi) and entrepreneurship.
Zoe's Kitchen Inc (NYSE:ZOES), a fast casual restaurant chain, on Monday reported preliminary estimates on its results of operations for the 12 week and 28 week periods ended 14 July 2014.
The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Board imposed groundwater-quality requirements that Sanitation District officials say will mean installing impervious liners in new earthen storage basins, upping the plant expansion's expected $173 million cost by a preliminary estimate of $30 million.
This publication has dual purposes: first, to release preliminary estimates for the first half of 2001, and second, to present revised full-year trends from 1994 to 2000 using the new format for the first time.
Preliminary estimates place North American consumption of natural fibers for plastic composites at 400 million lb currently.
Preliminary estimates suggest that tenants will pay about $775 per month for a one- bedroom unit, and $875 for a two- bedroom apartment.
Thus, relative to the preliminary estimates, first, revisions during the past 12 months have been larger than usual.
Aspen's preliminary estimates of losses in the fourth quarter of 2017 involve the exercise of considerable judgment and are based, among other factors, on a review of the individual treaties and policies expected to be impacted, information available to date from clients and brokers, market intelligence, initial loss reports, modeled loss projections and exposure analysis.
These additional procedures could result in material changes to our preliminary estimates during the course of our preparation of condensed consolidated financial statements as of and for the quarter and full year ended December 31, 2017.

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