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Brown, who lost power to Cameron in 2010, began a week-long tour of his native Scotland on Monday, while 1990s premier Major entered the fray on Wednesday with a warning that independence would be "disastrous" for the UK.
Wright, a Balfour Beatty company, is the Construction Manager at Risk on the project for the City of Scottsdale and WestWorld to convert the Tony Nelsson Equestrian Center into a premier major events center.
This was the outcome of five hours of talks between Mr Wilson, Ulster Premier Major James Chichester-Clark, and their closest ministers at Downing Street, on the steps to resolve the current crisis.
In the past, he has used the Western to experiment with new ideas prior to what he regards as the premier Major.
He has had eight shots at the premier major now and won it once.
The inquiry report - originally due out before the election - was shelved by then Premier Major in March.
And if the Open is regarded as the premier major, the most prestigious and the one that is hardest to win because of the nature of the courses that it is played upon, where do we put Watson?
Redwood, a challenger to then Premier Major as Tory leader in 1995, expected Lilley and Howard to clear the way for his sole second-ballot bid.
I was in Huntingdon, the constituency of doomed Premier Major, watching Tories with hunched blue shoulders troop from a soulless leisure centre.
As Premier Major announced the May 1 poll, he ran straight into trouble.
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