Preparatory Period

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Preparatory Period


in construction engineering, the preparation of a building site for erecting or reconstructing buildings and structures. During this period the construction area is prepared and equipped for building purposes: unneeded structures are removed, the building site is mapped, surface water is drained, water drawdown is effected, removable underground and overhead utility lines to be removed are relocated, power lines for construction work are installed, auxiliary buildings and structures for the construction workers are built, and engineering equipment and materials are provided or, if necessary, supplemented. In newly developed districts, housing for the workers, access roads, and spur tracks are built. The preparatory period is preceded by organizational and technical planning and by the projection of preliminary estimates; the site is assigned and the funds granted.

Temporary buildings and structures used on the site are prefabricated (knockdown, movable, or container-like) and can be reused many times; as a result, expenditures for these structures are lowered. Permanent structures to be used during construction, such as shops, garages, and storerooms, are also built during the preparatory period. In the USSR, the work to be done during this period is outlined in the organizational project of construction work; the work estimate takes into account the conditions at each building site.

The preparatory period usually takes 10–15 percent of the time projected for construction. The work during this period is carried out by a general contractor; when necessary, subcontractors are assigned to do specialized work. The plan describing the work to be done during the preparatory period contains a detailed listing of tasks to be completed, including their scope, an overall plan of the building site, working drawings, and engineering maps. Continuity of operations and a maximum utilization of mechanized equipment are important preconditions for successful completion of work during the preparatory period.


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References in classic literature ?
During the ten-year preparatory period this man had formed relations with all the crowned heads of Europe.
And the man who was finally chosen to replace Vail was in many respects the appropriate leader for such a preparatory period.
During the preparatory period for the exercises, several cultural events will be arrange for the guests.
"Nine out of 11 bullfighting events are scheduled to take place in the second half of the year, so we plan to have a two- or three-month preparatory period to select the next target areas."
"During this preparatory period, it will be important to engage with all the relevant agencies and parties who will have to play their part in ensuring the outstanding inquests can be completed within a five-year period once the unit has been established."
The idea is that when countries did not have a very fixed exchange rate between themselves before entering the euro, they had a minimum of 2 years of preparatory period in which the exchange rates were expected, the interest rates to get closer.
The study was carried out during the preparatory period of the annual training cycle.
Bhutan has officially enteredinto the preparatory period offive years for the graduationfrom least developedcountries (LDC) category tomiddle developed countriescategory, which will effectivelyconclude on December 13,2023.This was divulged tothe media during the 2ndFriday Meet at the GyalyongTshogkhang yesterday morning.
In view of these constraints, the TDB could approach the Supreme Court seeking a preparatory period of about a year, before the temple can be made gender-sensitive.
** Nova Makedonija, a month ago wrote that that the real address for resolving the canonical status of MOC-OA is the Ecumenical Patriarchate, where the preparatory period for overcoming the so-called Ukrainian church problem, began.
The inter-agency recommendation earlier announced that there will be a one-month preparatory period before the actual closure.
During the preparatory period until June 2018, the relevant agencies in the kingdom have been instructed to make all the necessary changes to the current rules and regulations to implement the order, including developing the infrastructure and institutional capacity, such as expanded licensing facilities and driver education programmess, to accommodate millions of new drivers.

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