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Protection of a material from physical deterioration due to natural elements or human activity; by various technical, scientific, and craft techniques
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building preservation

The process of applying measures to maintain and sustain the existing materials, integrity, and form of a building, including its structure and building artifacts.
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JS Islamic Capital Preservation Allocation Plan - 6###September 04, 2019###105.51###101.02###102.05
Over the past two years, Xvivo has further developed the products and set up large-scale production of the heart preservation fluid.
Nominations are solicited annually from the public and compiled for final selection by a group of preservation experts, including historians, architects and archeologists.
Under the US$250,000 AFCP grant, the SEAS completed the preservation work to international standards in record time.
The second course, Establishing a Bridge Preservation Program (130106B), outlines the steps involved in developing effective preservation programs.
Mr P Robertshaw, permis-|sion for works to tree preservation order(s), 38 Hall Close, Meltham.
To understand why preservation is still so often reduced to a save-or-destroy binary, we must remember that its origins, in the 1960s, lay in a much more clear-cut struggle over the quality of urban life.
John Belie built and steered his firm's preservation practice to revitalize cities and urban fabric, to help stop the destruction of cities during the time of urban renewal, to instill new life into what existed, and to develop thriving urban communities.
To learn more about Preservation Solutions' catalogue, please visit the company's website today at
Also, the gift will fund a new faculty position, the Venerable Chair in Historic Preservation. It will be the first endowed chair in historic preservation in a public university for a permanent staff member and the only such position in the western United States.
He reminded residents that in computing the surtax, the first $100,000 of a property's value is forgiven, so a home valued at $200,000 is reduced in value by $100,000 to determine the Community Preservation Act surtax.

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