Presidential Range

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President Political Party Dates in Office Vice President(s)
George Washington   1789–97 John Adams
John Adams Federalist 1797–1801 Thomas Jefferson
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Presidential Range,

group of the White Mts., N N.H., so called from the names of its peaks. Mt. Washington (6,288 ft/1,917 m) is the highest peak in New Hampshire; a meteorological station is at the summit. A year-round resort center, it was developed for tourists in the mid-1800s. Other peaks include Mt. Adams (5,798 ft/1,767 m), Mt. Jefferson (5,715 ft/1,742 m), Mt. Clay (5,532 ft/1,686 m), Mt. Monroe (5,385 ft/1,641 m), and Mt. Madison (5,363 ft/1,635 m). Mt. Clay was renamed Mt. Reagan by the New Hampshire legislature in 2003, but in 2010 the U.S. Board on Geographic Names voted against changing the official name of Mt. Clay.
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They mapped out a 78-mile route around the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Program topics change weekly and include learning about the flora and fauna of the forest; discovering what lives within and contributes to the health of a fresh-water pond ecosystem; the high-alpine, summit environment; and the geology of the surrounding mountains and Presidential Range.
The lodgings are located at a height of 4,825 feet in the Presidential Range, New Hampshire, and offer prepared meals, evening naturalist programmes, trail information, and weather reports.
Not without peril; 150 years of misadventure on the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, 10th anniversary ed.
As the country entered the crisis of the Civil War, the Presidential Range also served as a reminder of the Union cause.
The five-bedroom showhomes - a Kennedy and a Lincoln - are both from the new Presidential range, making its debut at the picturesque site which will comprise 124, four and five-bedroom detached properties.
Accommodation is plentiful and of every standard - whether you choose a motel at $18 per person per night, or the Victorian magnificence of the 194-room Mount Washington Hotel at the foot of the Presidential range.
Three separate watersheds will gain protection, and one of the Appalachian Trail's principal viewpoints of the northern Presidential range will he preserved.
On a clear day, the Boston skyline is visible to the east and the Green Mountains and the tips of the presidential range of the White Mountains - including Mount Washington - can be seen to the north.
New Hampshire's Presidential Range, a picturesque area topped by expansive alpine terrain in the White Mountain National Forest, has long been known as a place where fair weather can quickly turn vicious.
Mount Washington owes its weather to its location at the confluence of three major storm tracks and its high profile, combined with its steepness and the north-south orientation of the Presidential Range, which aid wind speed.
TODAY: Designated under the 1964 Wilderness Act, Great Gulf is now an island amid the resorts and recreation areas in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains.

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