Presidential Records Act

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Presidential Records Act:

see under Freedom of Information ActFreedom of Information Act
(1966), law requiring that U.S. government agencies release their records to the public on request, unless the information sought falls into a category specifically exempted, such as national security, an individual's right to privacy, or internal
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In issuing the Order, President Bush revoked Executive Order 12,667 issued in 1989 by former President Ronald Reagan, and purported to implement the Presidential Records Act of 1978 (PRA).
Meanwhile, over at the White House, someone was busy drafting a new executive order to modify the Presidential Records Act of 1978.
The papers would have been the first released under the Presidential Records Act of 1978.
1) The Watergate scandal spawned extensive litigation over the issue of access to presidential materials(2) and ultimately led Congress to enact the Presidential Records Act of 1978 (PRA),(3) which asserts public ownership of presidential records and establishes presidential record management procedures.
Bush's Executive Order 13233, which effectively eviscerates the Presidential Records Act of 1978 by fiat, is designed to insure that no historian can ever provide this kind of public service again.
premise of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which calls for
Since it was chartered by the Congress in 1889 for "the promotion of historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts, and the dissemination of historical research," the Association has maintained a steadfast concern for the preservation and availability of federal government records, pressing for the publication of diplomatic and other documents in the late 19th century, advocating for the establishment of the National Archives in the 1930s and, more recently, supporting the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

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