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, Ger. Pressburg, Hung. Pozsony, city (1991 pop. 442,197), SW Slovakia, on the Danube River and near the Austrian and Hungarian borders. It is the capital and largest city of Slovakia.
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, Slovakia.
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Pressburg is a combat veteran who was honorably discharged from the military last year after 26 years of service.
Nevertheless, geopolitical importance of the Danube as an European corridor was appreciated through the history, as well: "Napoleon, who campaigned several times on the upper Danube above Pressburg, the present-day Bratislava, called it, although he knew well both the Rhine and the Nile, 'the King of Rivers', and Talleyrand's assertion in 1815 that at the mouth of the Danube lay the centre of gravity of European politics rings oddly, until it is realized that he based it in political rather than economic consideration" (East, 1932: 321).
Devin was reduced to rubble by Napoleon's retreating army after his unsuccessful siege of Pressburg in 1809, which is about ten kilometres downstream of the Danube from the fortress.
The Cases of the Battles of Pressburg (907) and Lechfeld (955)"; Joseph Wallace, "Astrology and Politics in John Selden's Edition of the Marmora Arundelliana"; and Christine Wulf, "Burgerlicher Spathumanismus in Inschriften.
Bratislava, known in this context as Pressburg, became the
In the next room, a map of Vienna from 1430 showed Bratislava (then known as Pressburg in German, Presporok in Slovak and Pozsony in Hungarian) as little more than a suburb of the Austrian capital.
A century ago, when Bratislava was still known as Pressburg, what is now Slovakia was far more ethnically diverse than it is now.
Por el tratado de Pressburg, de 26 de diciembre de 1805, Austria se vio obligada a ceder Venecia, Dalmacia e Istria al Reino de Italia.
Its initiator was professor Andras (in his Slovakian writings: Ondrej) Meszaros, the former head of the Department of Hungarian Studies at the Comenius University in Pozsony/Bratislava/ Pressburg (5).
En 1805 se produjo la Guerra de la Tercera Coalicion, con las batallas de Trafalgar y Austerlitz, concluida el 26 de diciembre mediante el tratado de Pressburg.
Fransa ve Avusturya arasinda imzalanan Pressburg Andlasmasi (26 Aralik 1805) ile Ucuncu Koalisyon cokmus bulunuyordu.
A horse trader recommends a racehorse to his client: "'If you take this horse and get on it at four in the morning you'll be at Pressburg by half-past six.