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Striped |laundry bag, PS7, Tiger Stores | Vintage pressed glass tumbler, PS3.
Artists Victoria Bradbury and Mark Hursty have delivered Pressed Glass workshops, inflatable sculpture workshops using unwanted plastic bags, and created lanterns lit by LEDs inspired by the Chinese New Year.
Italian aluminium candleholders, PS4 each; coloured pressed glass jug, PS39; coloured pressed glasses, PS7.
He saw the market potential for the pressed glass that Sowerby's, another Gateshead company, had begun producing in the 1840s.
OHNY will also give participants a rare tour of the Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass in Long Island City, a large, one-of-a-kind repository of sheet and pressed glass used by Tiffany Studios.
Croatian will shut left on the nose pressed glass, another It is hard Rangers maintain under such circumstances.
Some of the most common objects among the 10,000 to 12,000 appraised at each "Roadshow" event include family bibles, pressed glass objects, paintings, watches and toys.
Background | This Marrakech dinnerware from Crate & Barrel is made f pressed glass and is back-painted with a silver-leaf spiral Dinner plates retail for $14.
Alden shares her techniques for making one-of-a-kind pieces out of lampwork, drawn glass, pressed glass and other types of glass beads.
The oversized sugar and creamer ($410) in tangy yellow English pressed glass reveals the Victorians' admitted vice.
Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass, 5th Edition