pressure suit

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pressure suit

[′presh·ər ‚süt]
(aerospace engineering)
A garment designed to provide pressure upon the body so that respiratory and circulatory functions may continue normally, or nearly so, under low-pressure conditions such as occur at high altitudes or in space without benefit of a pressurized cabin.

Pressure Suit


a pilot’s personal equipment for protection against the dangers of low barometric pressure in case of depressurization of the cockpit at altitudes of more than 12-15 km. The pressure suit is a flight suit with an oxygen mask having surplus pressure or with a pressure helmet. It should exert even counterpressure over the entire surface of the body, not hinder the pilot’s movements, and be air- and vapor-tight. The pilot must be able to put it on and take it off without help from others. The maximum flight elevation in the pressure suit depends on the duration of the flight, how well the suit fits, and the physical strain on the pilot. The principle of action of the pressure suit is based on the fact that the surface of the body is subject to mechanical squeezing with specific pressure equal to the pressure of gas in the lungs. This is done by tension devices with pneumatic chambers inside. When they fill with gas, the chambers straighten out, increase in diameter, and stretch the fabric of the suit.


pressure suit

A skintight suit that may or may not enclose the body fully and can exert pressure on the major portion of the body to counteract an increased intrapulmonary oxygen pressure. The suit permits the respiratory and circulatory functions to take place normally, or near normally, under low-pressure conditions. The suit is used for high-altitude flying where there is a possibility of explosive decompression. See also partial pressure suit.
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NASA astronauts also wear pressurized suits, but theirs are much less maneuverable.
Some 50 years later, Austrian daredevil and skydiver Felix Baumgartner, backed by Red Bull, an energy drink company, is enlisting the help of David Clark in providing a fully pressurized suit and helmet for his planned record-attempt jump from a helium balloon at more than 120,000 feet.
Among the risks: Any contact with the capsule on his exit could have torn the pressurized suit.
Also, the subjects wear pressurized suits, which don't even allow them to scratch their noses, let alone be able to properly wipe themselves.
When transporting Ebola patients, however, CDC personnel don pressurized suits and self-contained breathing apparatus--a level of precaution well beyond the gloves, mask, and hand-washing used by hospitals or emergency medical response teams.
To do it at all required a custom supersonic spacesuit, designed by the David Clark Company, which made the first such pressurized suits to protect World War II fighters during high-speed manoeuvres.
The need for stable, pressurized suits led early space-suit designers to manufacturers of tires, women's undergarments, and infant rubber products, while engineers looked to medieval armored suits for the articulated joints used on the Mercury program exoskeletons in the early `60s.
The subject of public procurement is the supply of 17 units of compressors for filling of pressure bottles with breathing automatics with accessories 1 pc Testor for static and dynamic testing of respiratory valves and pressurized suits and 16 pieces of Testor for static testing of respiratory automatics.
He would also wear a custom supersonic spacesuit, designed by the David Clark Company, which made the first such pressurized suits to protect World War II fighters during high-speed manoeuvres.
Due to Earth's atmosphere, notes Seaman, the spacesuits worn during ground training can't easily simulate the stiff, highly pressurized suits that astronauts must wear during space walks.
Post developed some of the earliest pressurized suits to protect the body at low pressure.

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