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1. Music to be played very fast
2. Music a movement or passage directed to be played very quickly



a musical term designating a quick tempo. The term was first used in the early 17th century. In the 18th century it came to denote a tempo quicker than allegro. “Presto” is also combined with other terms for more precise meaning: presto assai and presto molto (“very quickly”) and presto ma non tanto and presto ma non troppo (“not very fast”).


A parallel language for shared-memory multiprocessors, built on top of C++ by Bershad et al, U Washington 1987. PRESTO provides classes for threads and spinlocks as well as Mesa-style monitors and condition variables. E-mail: <>.

["PRESTO: A Kernel for Parallel Programming Environments", B.N. Bershad et al, U Wash CS TR, Jan 1987].
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Francesco Pace and Alessandro Lo Presti (2007) reminded participants that careers are losing their linearity and their physical and spatial dimensions--they are becoming "fuzzy," that is, lacking in predictability.
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Presti believes only a New Humanism Movement (headquartered in Rome) can possibly avert worldwide disaster and achieve "a profound mutation in the present culture and mentality" (17).
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