Preston James

James, Preston


Born Feb. 14, 1899, in Brookline, Mass. American geographer. Professor at the University of Michigan (from 1934), Syracuse University (from 1945), and other universities.

James was a consultant to and director of various organizations concerned with Latin American geography and social development. From 1948 to 1953 he was a member of the National Research Council of the American Geophysical Union. In 1951, James became the president of the Association of American Geographers and in 1957 the president of the Council on Latin American Affairs. He wrote a monograph on Latin American geography and a series of text-books on geography for high school and college students.


An Outline of Geography. New York, 1935.
Geography of Man, 2nd ed. Boston, 1959. (In collaboration with H. G. Kline.)
One World Divided: A Geographical Look at the Modern World. New York, 1964.
In Russian translation:
Latinskaia Amerika. Moscow, 1949.
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Preston James, taking over kicking duties, added the extras.
Na realidade, a partir dos trabalhos realizados por Zarur entre 1941 e 1957, a primeira aproximacao norte-americana com a Geografia brasileira pode ser observada e avaliada, assim como sua defesa pelo metodo regional resultado da influencia de Alfred Hettner, Richard Hartshorne, Leo Waibel, Clarence Jones e Preston James. Os temas e os recortes espaciais das obras do autor, conforme serao vistos, podem ser explicados pela mencionada aproximacao.
Nesse periodo vieram para ca os norteamericanos Robert Platt (1944), Clarence Fielden Jones (1948), Preston James (1949) e Lynn Smith (1952) e o importante geografo alemao, com cidadania americana, Leo Waibel (1946) (18).
Sao elas: Latin America, de Preston James, 1942; Geopolitics - The Strugle for space and power, de Robert Strasz-Hupe, 1942; e, Um comentario sobre a classificacao de Koppen, 1943.
No mesmo volume e numero da RBG que foi publicada a resenha Latin America, de Preston James, elaborada por Zarur, sao tambem editados mais dois textos sobre a Geografia nos Estados Unidos.
A obra de Preston James, Latin America, veiculava tambem essa nova Geografia regionalista que estava sendo feita nos Estados Unidos fazendo um grande levantamento e analise regional da America Latina com objetivo politico de defender a ideia de America, do Novo Mundo, reforcando o papel e a importancia latino-americana.
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