praying mantis

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praying mantis:

see mantidmantid
or mantis,
name applied to the large, slender, slow-moving, winged insects of the family Mantidae in the order Mantodea. Predatory insects, mantids have strong, elongate, spiny front legs, used for grasping prey.
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Her first hubby, Alfie Karmal,called her ``a compulsive liar'' while former sister-inlaw, Dianna Karmal said: ``She's like a preying mantis when it comes to men.
The pair are each the epitome of the side they lead, the long-legged preying mantis pitted against the bulldog, French chic against Irish intensity.
One friend said: "Stella thinks Heather saw Paul was vulnerable and pounced on him like a preying mantis.
That advice comes via a word of instruction from her new husband as he is called away on business, leaving her to her own devices and the company of a blind piano tuner and a preying mantis of a servant.
But the preying mantis is a predatory insect and Warren believes Harrison will have difficulty staying out of harm's way in the second defence of his title.
It was only a preying mantis walking over her face.
Indoor attractions include the cactus house, tropical house, and a conservatory housing tropical bugs including preying mantis, stick insects and tarantula spiders.
A quarter of the average adult sand scorpion's diet is made up of young scorpions, a third of all preying mantis matings end in death for the male and Arizonan tiger salamanders have an equal chance of being born cannibals or plankton-eaters, depending on the depth of the pond, and hence the availability of food, when they spawn.
In recent weeks, market workers have come across deadly fire ants, native to North Africa, preying mantis eggs and all sorts of strange spiders and fearsome flies.