Prežihov Voranc

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Prežihov Voranc


(pen name of Lovro Kuhar). Born Aug. 10, 1893, in Kotlje; died Feb. 18, 1950, in Maribor. Slovenian writer. Member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (1920). An organizer of the National Liberation Front during World War II.

The son of a peasant, Prežihov Voranc began publishing in 1909. His short stories about peasant life in the cycle Native Ores (1940) brought him fame. Three of his novels, written while he was in prison and in emigration, provide a panoramic view of the history of the Slovenian people: Doberdob (1929, published 1940; Russian translation, 1962), Požganica (1939), and Jamnica (1941; published 1945). He also wrote collections of sketches, including Battle in an Alien Land (1946).


Zbráno delo, books 1–2. Ljubljana, 1962–64.
In Russian translation:
Landyski. Moscow, 1959.


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