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Kosovo: see PrishtinëPrishtinë,
or Priština
, city (2011 pop. 198,214), E central Kosovo, the capital and largest city of Kosovo. Prishtinë is a commercial center with diverse industries, including woodworking, textiles, and food processing.
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a city in Yugoslavia, in the Socialist Republic of Serbia. Capital of the autonomous region of Kosovo. Population, 73,000 (1972). Priština is the trade and distribution center for the agricultural region of Kosovo Polje. Industries include cotton, food processing, and ceramics. There is a thermal power plant and a factory producing shock absorbers. Crafts produced include filigreed items of nonferrous metals and rugs. A university was founded in Priština in 1970. Lignite and lead and zinc ore are mined in the area. The Kosovo chemical power combine is also located nearby.


a city in S Serbia and Montenegro, the capital of Kosovo: under Turkish control until 1912; severely damaged in the Kosovo conflict of 1999; nearby is the 14th-century Gracanica monastery. Pop.: 261 000 (2005 est.)
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The same first wave had been locked outside the gates of Pristina Airport by the Russian peacekeepers who had slipped into Pristina from the north some hours earlier as the British slept.
Charles, wearing combat fatigues, was greeted at Pristina airport by Lt Gen Sir Mike Jackson, British commander of Nato forces in Kosovo.
To cheers he appealed for peace and reconciliation declaring "I'm so proud to be here in Pristina.
In the village of Grace, north of Pristina, Albanians took whatever they could from houses after driving out the Serbs who lived there.
Serbian police were also ordered to vacate their headquarters in Pristina by midnight, and all Serb forces are to be out of Kosovo by Sunday night.
The officers will assess the situation in Pristina and decide what equipment will be needed by a team of 15 British forensic experts due to arrive next week.
There were also the first signs of deadly scores being settled with gunfire between Serbs and Albanians in a village near Pristina.
Engineered in France by a team of women, GE Healthcare set out to transform mammography with the creation of Senographe Pristina and patient-assisted compression to help decrease pain associated with the exam, improve the patient experience and improve outcomes for breast cancer screening.
In the meantime, representatives of the Economic Chamber of Northwest Macedonia and the Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber in Pristina tried to seek out a way to restore trade relations between the two countries to normalcy.
Ljajic, who is leading a delegation of Belgrade, said in a statement to the press after the talks with Pristina team head Edita Tahiri, which was also attended by the Director of the Directorate General for Enlargement of the European Commission Pierre Mirel, that negotiations are at the same stage as before the talks.
He noted in a statement that the EU will continue to facilitate the Pristina -Belgrade dialogue and the two sides are meeting today to further implementation.
Kosovo exports have been blocked by Belgrade since February 2008, when Pristina declared independence unilaterally.