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witches) are referred to by the Priapus as 'women, who steer human
303), who is identified earlier as her father: "Libitina thy mother, Priapus / Thy father, a Tuscan and Greek" (ll.
The notion that it was the garden god Priapus was rejected because this was no crudely carved wooden stump.
The Rood's sexual nature (as a kind of Priapus perhaps, as suggested by Lambarde) is made more explicit after the short account of his 'death'.
In his poem, "Al maestro, cuchillada," an aging and impotent cardinal is revived when he meets the god of male procreative power, Priapus, disguised as a beggar.
Then came Priapus Saying, "Unfortunate Daphnis--but why are you wasting away?
Another find is a stone image of the fertility god Priapus who was much favoured by farmers and gardeners.
and Thetis, complete with the antics of Priapus, the arrival of Discord
36) Statues of the phallic fertility god Priapus were common in Roman gardens, and obscene epigrams were frequently posted on these statues.
Henry Heuland referred to such specimens as "priapite"--after the Roman god Priapus, another mineral name that has escaped the synonym hunters.
The mount of Absalom and Abigail has also felt the drunken sensual weight of Bacchus and Silenus, yet the ass was also sacred to Vesta as his braying prevented Priapus from raping the nymph Lotis and the goddess herself.
1598 "Hence lewd nags away, Goe read each poast, Then to Priapus gardens.