Priboi Publishing House

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Priboi Publishing House


a legal Bolshevik publishing house founded in St. Petersburg in November 1912 at the time of the strakhovaia kampaniia (insurance campaign) of 1912 to 1914.

In 1913 the Priboi Publishing House began publishing literature on workers’ social insurance. In July 1913 it became the publishing house of the Central Committee of the RSDLP; the committee decreed that Priboi should publish chiefly political propaganda literature on the labor movement. Priboi published the collections Marxism and Liquidationism, with articles by V. I. Lenin; Workers’ Insurance in Russia and in the West (second and third fascicles); and the popular almanac The Worker’s Companion for 1914, with Lenin’s article “Strikes in Russia.”

Among those working at the Priboi Publishing House were A. I. Uliianova-Elizarova, M. S. Ol’minskii, and F. I. Drabkina. Early in World War I, during an intensification of censorship, Priboi closed down, resuming its activity in March 1917. The following works by Lenin were published: “Letters on Tactics” (the First Letter with a supplement containing the April Theses), “The Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution,” “Lessons of the Revolution,” “Materials Relating to the Revision of the Party Program,” and “The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It.” In 1918, Priboi was absorbed into the “Kommunist Publishing House.


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