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Ca4B10O19·7H2O A snow-white earthy mineral composed of hydrous calcium borate, occurring as a massive. Also known as pandermite.
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(also pandermite), a hydrous borate mineral having the chemical composition Ca2[B4BO7(OH)5] · H2O. It crystallizes in the monoclinic system and forms dense, cryptocrystalline, snow white chalky masses and nodules, as well as powdery aggregates of very tiny crystals. It has a hardness of 3.5 on Mohs’ scale and an approximate density of 2,430 kg/m3. Priceite, in association with other borates, occurs in saliferous and gypsiferous strata that have formed through the accumulation of chemical residue in salt-boron lakes in arid regions. Priceite is found in the Kazakh SSR, California, and northern Turkey. It serves as raw material in the extraction of boron and boron compounds.

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