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a city in Liepaja Raion, Latvian SSR. Railroad junction with lines to Liepaja, Ŝiauliai, and Kretinga. Priekule has a milk plant and a livestock-breeding sovkhoz.



a city in Gargždai Raion, Lithuanian SSR, situated on the Minija River. Railroad station on the Klaipėda-Sovetsk line. Priekulė has a creamery and a tile plant.

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Carbon isotope event markers through the Wenlock-Pridoli sequence in Ohesaare (Estonia) and Priekule (Latvia).
In this document it showed his place of birth: Priekule.
The least amount of precipitation is encountered in the Zemgale Lowland, the greatest in the surrounding areas of Gaizins, Limbazi, and Priekule (875 mm).
The people of the districts of Priekule, Silute, Klaipeda are known as the western Samogitians (Regions .
On November 6, 2007 short-circuit at Priekule TS occurred, during which data from Vejas I TS and Benaieiai TS were recorded (Fig.
A total of 42 samples from four core sections of western Latvia were analysed: 5 from the Blidene-5 section, 14 from the Kandava-25 section, 12 from the Priekule section, and 11 from the Aizpute-41 section (Figs 1, 3, 4).
The final objects, founded in the early 17th century, are suggested to be Priekule and Bramberge.
I was born in Priekule, near Liepaja, so I am always saying I am from Liepaja, but I also feel at home in Cesis, where I moved later in my childhood.