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a city in Liepaja Raion, Latvian SSR. Railroad junction with lines to Liepaja, Ŝiauliai, and Kretinga. Priekule has a milk plant and a livestock-breeding sovkhoz.



a city in Gargždai Raion, Lithuanian SSR, situated on the Minija River. Railroad station on the Klaipėda-Sovetsk line. Priekulė has a creamery and a tile plant.

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This suggests that the lower boundary of the Oandu Stage is positioned in the lower part of the Priekule Member, inside claystones, in the sections of the Livonian Tongue.
A larger sea level fall of ca 100 [+ or -] 30 m at that time was interpreted from the geochemical data of the Priekule core (Kiipli et al.
This finding is in strong contradiction also with Baltic data, especially with those from graptolitic sequences (Priekule and Ventspils in Latvia, Kaljo et al.
kula 'Dorf'), aber nicht immer, wie die etymologische Analyse des Ortsnamens Priekule (Kurland) und Priekuli (Livland) erweist (Buss 2015a).
Carbon isotope event markers through the Wenlock-Pridoli sequence at Ohesaare (Estonia) and Priekule (Latvia).
In this document it showed his place of birth: Priekule.
The least amount of precipitation is encountered in the Zemgale Lowland, the greatest in the surrounding areas of Gaizins, Limbazi, and Priekule (875 mm).