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Prester John,

legendary Christian priest and monarch of a vast, wealthy empire in Asia or in Africa. The legend first appeared in the latter part of the 12th cent. and persisted for several centuries. At first the utopian realm of this Christian king was supposed to be in Asia, but later it was more generally placed in Africa. Letters supposed to have been written by him and about him were widely circulated in Western Europe.


See studies by V. Slessarev (1959) and R. Silverberg (1972).

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Tel 024 7622 3343) PRIEST John Passed away peacefully Thursday, 22nd November 2012, aged 85 years.
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This is necessary due to theories like thos of former Catholic priest John Dominic Crossan, who famously claimed that Jesus' dead body was likely thrown into a shallow common grave, where it was eaten by dogs.
This may offer some insight into the focal issue of the book: Why did the Anglican priest John Murgatroyd allow his domestic servant Phoebe Beatson to live with an illegitimate child under his roof for four years and leave her a small fortune to take care of herself and her bastard daughter?
The Spirit and Work Resource Center was started by a husband-and-wife team, former priest John and writer Pat Sullivan.
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FORMER priest John Geoghan, a convicted child molester who became a central figure in the Catholic church's sex abuse scandal in Boston, has died following an attack by another inmate in prison.