Primary Process

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Primary Process


Primary process is Sigmund Freud‘s expression for the psychological mechanism that prompts us to seek immediate fulfillment of our wishes and desires. The primary processes, associated with the id, are dominated by what Freud referred to as the pleasure principle. The contrasting term is secondary process, a mechanism dominated by the reality principle. In a normal adult, the secondary processes regulate the primary processes so that one does not immediately act upon every urge that comes to mind. The primary processes are called primary because they characterize the psychology of infants, who have no grasp of such secondary process notions as delayed gratification. Freud’s understanding of dreams was that they represent fulfillment of desires normally controlled and repressed by our waking consciousness. Dreams are thus the product of primary processes and provide us with direct access to the functioning of the unconscious mind.

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PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans are taking the acceleration of the primary process around the 2008 presidential election fairly well in stride.
Key words: primary process, sequence operation, knowledge base, e-learning.
How logistics and distribution strategies are built around 4 primary process components; design, purchasing, planning, and asset management.
the denial involved in this regression into primary process thinking may
Primary process thinking is supposedly typical of unconscious thought processes, familiar through dreams.
I do, however, suspect a tendency to downplay unconscious sexuality and primary process in the Freudian sense.
Since the appointment was made too close to the November election date for a candidate to come out of the petition gathering and primary process, the Brooklyn County Committee will decide who the new candidate will be - a process Halperin confessed he will stay out of - and the governor will set the date for a special election.
With less than a year to go before the Democratic primary process yields the party's 2000 nominee, Bradley has emerged as the most serious challenger to the hyper-aggressive and exceptionally well-funded Gore campaign--which reportedly is raising in excess of $600,000 in contributions each week.
That is, the painting must seem to expand beyond the canvas, so that its abstractness seems unlimitable--a surge of alternative vision, with the inner recognition of primary process (what Husserl called inner time consciousness and Bergson called duration) as a ripple effect.

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