Prince Albert

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Prince Albert,

city (1991 pop. 34,181), central Sask., Canada, on the North Saskatchewan River. Prince Albert is a commercial and distribution center for a lumbering, gold- and uranium-mining, and mixed-farming area. There are wood-products and meatpacking industries. It was founded in 1866 as a Presbyterian mission to the CreeCree,
Native North Americans whose language belongs to the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). They formerly inhabited the area S of Hudson Bay and James Bay in what is now Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba S of the
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. It is the gateway to Prince Albert National Park, to the northwest. The city is the seat of Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals and headquarters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for central and N Saskatchewan, as well as the site of the provincial penitentiary.
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During his time in Mumbles, Prince Albert visited the new lifeboat house and took a 30-minute helicopter tour over the Gower peninsula.
Prince Albert of Monaco, keen sportsman and lover of the Beautiful Game, who gave John Gibson an exclusive interview when Monaco played Newcastle United in the 1997 Uefa Cup quarter-final.
While defining climate change and energy as the "crux of the two main issues that determine our life on earth," Prince Albert II said, "Such issues should be dealt with in multilateral forums, first and foremost the UN.
Eringer was ordered to further pay similar damages for additional infractions to Claudio Marzocco, Thierry Lacoste and Prince Albert, totaling an additional 30,000 Euros in damages plus 9,000 Euros in legal fees.
A news agency said anonymous officials spoke of 'the truth' of a reported falling out between the couple earlier in the week and of a probable demand that Prince Albert take a paternity test.
A fortnight later, on December 14, Prince Albert was dead, at the age of 42.
As stressing Monaco seeking to contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, Prince Albert said "the Principality had pledged for several years to develop a number of poor and marginalized regions worldwide.
Prince Albert II told AN NAHAR, "a delegation from the Economic Development Chamber is accompanying me on my visit.
Arkin, legal counsel for Prince Albert II of Monaco ("Prince Albert"), today filed in federal court in California a motion on Prince Albert's behalf calling for the court to dismiss the meritless lawsuit of Robert Eringer.
Summary: Marrakech - Prince Albert II of Monaco ended, on Monday, his visit to Morocco.
Denise, who won heptathlon gold in the 2000 Sydney Games in Australia, was at Prince Albert Junior and Infant School in Albert Road, Aston, as an ambassador for Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week.