Prince Rupert

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Rupert, Prince,

1619–82, count palatine of the Rhine. Born in Prague, he was the son of Frederick the Winter King, elector palatine and king of Bohemia, and Elizabeth, daughter of James I of England. Rupert grew up in the Netherlands and studied at Leiden. Active in the later part of the Thirty Years War against the Holy Roman Empire, he was at the siege of Breda (1637) and was taken prisoner (1638). Released in 1641, he went to the aid of his uncle, King Charles I of England, in the civil wars. Despite his youth Rupert became an outstanding royalist general. His cavalry was generally successful, and he was created earl of Holderness and duke of Cumberland. Despite his defeat at Marston Moor (1644) he was made a general of the king's army. However, Rupert's support of peace proposals and his surrender of Bristol (1645) to Sir Thomas Fairfax resulted in his dismissal by the king, and in 1646 he was ordered to leave England. He went to France, soon became reconciled with Charles, and commanded a fleet assisting the king's forces in Ireland. After the triumph of Parliament over the monarchy, Rupert went (1654) to Germany, where he remained until the Restoration of the Stuart kings under Charles II (1660). Returning to England, he became a privy councillor to Charles II, and, as an admiral, played an important part in the Dutch WarsDutch Wars,
series of conflicts between the English and Dutch during the mid to late 17th cent. The wars had their roots in the Anglo-Dutch commercial rivalry, although the last of the three wars was a wider conflict in which French interests played a primary role.
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. A man of many artistic and scientific interests, Rupert also took part in colonial and commercial schemes, notably in the ventures of the Hudson's Bay Company.


See biographies by E. Scott (1899), B. Fergusson (1952), F. Knight (1967), and C. Spencer (2008).

Prince Rupert,

city (1991 pop. 16,620), W British Columbia, Canada, on Kaien Island, in Chatham Sound near the mouth of the Skeena River, S of the Alaska border. A railroad and highway terminus and an ice-free port, it serves the mining, lumber, and agricultural areas of central and W British Columbia. A containerized shipping terminal, opened in 2007, also enables the port to serve as an intermodal transshipment center to interior North America. Prince Rupert is a major fish-processing center, and there are wood-processing plants. The city's growth dates from the arrival (1914) of the railroad. During World War II the city was a major supply base for U.S. forces in Alaska.

Prince Rupert


a city in western Canada, in the province of British Columbia, on the island of Kaien. Population, 15,700 (1971).

After Vancouver, Prince Rupert is Canada’s most important port on the Pacific. It is the terminus of trans-Canadian railroad lines and highways as well as Alaskan combined highway-railroad-sea links. Prince Rupert’s industries include fish processing, cellulose and paper, lumber, chemicals, and ship building. It exports fish products, grain, cellulose, and nonferrous ore concentrates.

Prince Rupert

a port in W Canada, on the coast of British Columbia: one of the W termini of the Canadian National transcontinental railway. Pop.: 14 643 (2001)
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Together, the upgrades allow Prince Rupert to efficiently handle the largest vessels in the world with a carrying capacity of 20,000-plus TEUs.
Krusel noted: "The growth in traffic at the Fairview Terminal, North America's fastest-growing intermodal gateway, has been a validation of the Prince Rupert advantages in transpacific shipping.
The completion of the processing plant and load-out facility will place Highbank in the position of being the nearest, significant, quality construction aggregate deposit to the Port of Prince Rupert and the other construction projects in the Northwest, according to the company.
This meant that when Prince Rupert approached, on his way to Lichfield, at the head of a force of soldiers, residents feared reprisals.
The Spirits rebounded in their next outing, however, and defeated the Prince Rupert Rain 70-53.
9 miles) and was centered 139 km (86 miles) South of Masset, 202 km (125 miles) SSW of Prince Rupert, 293 km (182 miles) SW of Terrace and 556 km (345 miles) NW of Campbell River, Canada.
All of which makes this an important book for anyone interested in the power of early modern print culture, the English Civil War, and witchcraft, to say nothing of those devotees of Prince Rupert and his famous dog.
The expansion enables travellers on Highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Prince George to stay connected, as well as providing residents of Kitimat, Smithers, the Hazelton area, Houston and Terrace with access to the Rogers network.
The $170 million (Canadian) project hails a new era for Prince Rupert, a major milestone in the gateway initiatives of Canada and British Columbia, and a wave of new business opportunities for CN Rail and Maher Terminals.
This apparently prompted Zirnhelt to travel to Prince Rupert to meet personally with the mayor.