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Born July 13, 1909, in Luang Prabang. Laotian political figure. Prince.

Souphanouvong was educated in France as a civil engineer. He was active in the anticolonial Lao Issara (Free Laos) movement. From 1945 to 1949 he commanded the Lao Issara national army. In 1950 he headed the Free Lao Front (Neo Lao Issara), and in 1956 he became head of the Patriotic Front of Laos (Neo Lao Hak Sat). Souphanouvong was a member of two coalition governments formed by Souvanna Phouma, the first in 1957, lasting until the end of 1958, and the second in 1962. In the government of national unity established by the second coalition (which fell apart in 1963–64), Souphanouvong held the posts of deputy prime minister and minister of economy and planning. He played an important role in the Vientiane Agreement on Laos, signed on Feb. 21,1973, and the protocol to the agreement, signed on Sept. 14,1973. From April 1974 to December 1975 he headed the Joint National Political Council. In December 1975 he became president of the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos and chairman of the Supreme People’s Council. Souphanouvong made several official visits to the USSR.

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In the meantime, Souphanouvong would fill in for him: 'Awaiting your return to the resisting people, the National Assembly voted a resolution designating Prince Souphanouvong to stand in for you on an interim basis.' (60)
Khamxay, a minister to the Prime Minister's Office and the eldest son of the first Lao president, Prince Souphanouvong, has not shown up at his office with the Business Development Committee since April, according to the Lao-language service of RFA monitored in Bangkok.

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