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see PinangPinang
or Penang
, state (1991 pop. 1,065,075), c.400 sq mi (1,040 sq km), Malaysia, on the Strait of Malacca. It consists of Pulau Pinang (an island of 108 sq mi/280 sq km), formerly known as Georgetown; and Province Wellesley (292 sq mi/756 sq km), a strip of
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, Malaysia.
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1. a state of Peninsular Malaysia: consists of the island of Penang and the province Wellesley on the mainland, which first united administratively in 1798 as a British colony. Capital: George Town. Pop.: 1 313 449 (2000). Area: 1031 sq. km (398 sq. miles)
2. a forested island off the NW coast of Malaya, in the Strait of Malacca. Area: 293 sq. km (113 sq. miles)
3. another name for George Town
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Those caribou that calved and summered on Prince of Wales Island, Somerset Island, or Russell Island and wintered on Boothia Peninsula returned to their island calving areas and summer ranges each year; therefore, the caribou on those three islands in summertime represented the entire geographic population under consideration.
In 1995, on the basis of the 1980 results, Prince of Wales Island was divided into four survey strata, rather than just two strata as in 1980.
However, in April-May 2004, Inuit hunters from Resolute Bay, using snow machines combined with a helicopter survey, could not find a single caribou or any sign of caribou on Prince of Wales Island or on Somerset Island (M.
One factor that changed markedly between 1980 and 1995, mainly on Prince of Wales Island but to lesser extents on Somerset and Russell islands, is that muskox numbers increased nearly fivefold (Gunn and Dragon, 1998).
1995) than in the early 1980s, when there were at least 30 wolves on Prince of Wales Island (Miller and Reintjes, 1995; F.L.
By the late 1990s, Inuit from Resolute were no longer hunting caribou on Prince of Wales Island (A.
The hunters prefer the taste of and select for "Kingailik tuktu" (i.e., Prince of Wales Island caribou).
Inuit hunters and caribou biologists on Victoria Island would most likely recognize caribou from Prince of Wales Island or Somerset Island as not being from Victoria Island.
A genetic bottleneck was detected in the caribou from Prince of Wales Island sampled in the 1970s (Zittlau, 2004).
While in the Sound, they approached the coast of Prince of Wales Island, going near and into Coningham Bay, and made forays to the middle of the sound, where they dove to depths near or at the seabed of the Franklin Trench, probably in pursuit of some deepwater prey.

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