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a title in ancient Rome.

The princeps senatus was at the head of the list of the senators and was usually the eldest of the former censors. Officially he had no special authority or rights, except for the honorary right to express the first opinion in the Senate when a question was posed by the consuls. Nevertheless, during the republican period some holders of the office had considerable authority and often exercised a strong influence on policy. During the imperial period, beginning with the reign of Augustus, the term princeps senatus designated the bearer of imperial power.

The princeps iuventutis was the leader of the equestrian order.

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Les effets therapeutiques generes par les generiques sont similaires a ceux des princeps avec un avantage certain sur le cout interessant tant pour le patient que pour les caisses de l'Assurance maladie obligatoire (AMO.
Accersimus ("we have sought out") is a reading drawn from de Buxis' editio princeps of 1493 and is deemed "attractive" by both Keulen and Harrison and Winterbottom, the latter noting that its archaic flavor is fitting for Apuleius.
Three species can be found along the Ecuadorian coast: Spondylus princeps (Broderip, 1833) and Spondylus leucacanthus (Broderip, 1833), whose distinction has been documented by Skoglund and Mulliner (1996); and Spondylus.
Nondimeno, la piu illustre edizione delle cinquecentine esposte alla mostra era senza dubbio l'editio princeps del 1516 (p.
The editors also include the reproductions of the title pages of the editio princeps of each text, their early modern translations and latest editions in Italian and other languages, other editions of selected works by Garzoni, and an index of the names of scholars and editors in alphabetical order.
3, 5C, D, 6B, 7B, 9) are endemic to the Dominican Republic (DR), whereas Rhopalurus princeps (Karsch 1879) (Figs.
In this vein, Zygmunt Baranski suggests that Branca's summary dismissal of an Epicurean Boccaccio stems from his misunderstanding of Boccaccio's uncharacteristically--for his age--nuanced understanding of Epicurus; Carlo Caruso reevaluates Branca's attribution of the substantial revisions to the editio princeps of the Amorosa visione to Boccaccio; Nicola Jones gently but convincingly illustrates the pitfalls of Branca's theoretical approach to images in manuscripts of Boccaccio's work; and John Lindon corrects Branca's somewhat paternalistic portrait of Sarah Austin, translator of Foscolo.
En "La Florida del Inca: a Publication History", Carmen de Mora hace una revision de las ediciones, antologias y traducciones de La Florida del Inca desde el siglo XVII hasta nuestros dias, con un analisis detenido de la princeps de 1605.
When IgG-depleted normal human serum was used to measure the complement-activating activity of pectic polysaccharides (AAFIIb-2 and IIb-3) from leaves of Artemisia princeps PAMP, the activity was significantly reduced (Yamada et al.
Swallowtails that belong to a group called Princeps nireus actually have fluorescent wings.
Swallowtails of the group Princeps nireus are among the few types of butterfly with fluorescent wings.
princeps, Erythemis simplicicolis, Erythrodiplax minuscula, Gomphaeschna furcillata, Gomphus exilis, G.