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a title in ancient Rome.

The princeps senatus was at the head of the list of the senators and was usually the eldest of the former censors. Officially he had no special authority or rights, except for the honorary right to express the first opinion in the Senate when a question was posed by the consuls. Nevertheless, during the republican period some holders of the office had considerable authority and often exercised a strong influence on policy. During the imperial period, beginning with the reign of Augustus, the term princeps senatus designated the bearer of imperial power.

The princeps iuventutis was the leader of the equestrian order.

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During the middle republic, the post of princeps senatus was the most prestigious position in Rome.
127-151) il ruolo istituzionale del princeps e di sua moglie Faustina e la compagine che lo appoggiava nell'esercizio del potere, dal Cesare Marco Aurelio, al gruppo di amici ufficiali, ai membri del consilium principis e del senato.
Wilkinson explains that "our primary aim rhroughout is to establish the continuity between the Antwerp Polyglot and the northern scholars who had been involved in the production in Vienna of the 1555 editio princeps of the Syriac New Testament and who are most helpfully characterized as Christian kabbalists" (1).
Dopo 490 anni esatti dall'editio princeps dell'Orlando Furioso di Ludovico Ariosto, Marco Dorigatti, a termine di un lungo percorso filologico ed editoriale, presenta il capolavoro ariostesco nella sua forma originale ferrarese per la prima volta in un'edizione critica.
Pharma 5 vient de confirmer que le Tefovir realise a base du princeps Tenofovir est disponible depuis quelques jours dans toutes les grossisteries et officines du Royaume.
Juan turns out to be a Princeps reader, a book-tamer with unique powers.
Stavans's translation is based mostly on Francisco Rico's controversial 2011 Spanish edition of the hypothetical princeps.
After completing the arch, dorsal metacarpal artery continued as princeps pollicis artery for the thumb.
She covers (up)setting examples: vying with Livy, arms and the (wo)men: contending with Virgil, under the influence: interacting with the Princeps, song of myself: Ovid revis(it)ing love elegy, and ipse leges: the calendar as reader's choice.
This princeps edition of "Two Renaissance Friends: Baldassarre Castiglione, Domizio Falcone, and their Neo-Latin Poetry" by Rodney Lokaj (an Australian Medievalist and Renaissance scholar specializing in Franciscan Studies, Dante, and Petrarch) does this while introducing Falcone to scholars and students not only of Italian Renaissance literature, but also of the history of ideas, the classical tradition, the history of human sexuality, and the history of language.
princeps, Chilomys instans, Microryzomys minutus and Neomicroxus bogotensis.
The phylogeographic predictions of the strict cospeciation and episodic host-switching models were tested using the North American pika/parasite assemblage, with a primary focus on the American pika, Ochotona princeps (Richardson, 1828), and a suite of its endoparasitic cestodes and nematodes.