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a title in ancient Rome.

The princeps senatus was at the head of the list of the senators and was usually the eldest of the former censors. Officially he had no special authority or rights, except for the honorary right to express the first opinion in the Senate when a question was posed by the consuls. Nevertheless, during the republican period some holders of the office had considerable authority and often exercised a strong influence on policy. During the imperial period, beginning with the reign of Augustus, the term princeps senatus designated the bearer of imperial power.

The princeps iuventutis was the leader of the equestrian order.

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(14.) Ano en el que Cayo tomo la toga viril, fue presentado ante el senado y designado princeps iuventutis. El joven principe murio en el 4 d.
Por otra parte, un ara dedicada en el teatro (HEp 5, 1995, 582), en nombre de Cayo Cesar, que aparece como princeps iuventutis (5 a.