Mary Tudor

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Mary Tudor:

see Mary IMary I
(Mary Tudor), 1516–58, queen of England (1553–58), daughter of Henry VIII and Katharine of Aragón. Early Life

While Mary was a child, various husbands were proposed for her—the eldest son of Francis I of France (1518), Holy Roman
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, Queen of England; Mary of EnglandMary of England
(Mary Tudor), 1496–1533, queen consort of Louis XII of France, daughter of Henry VII of England and sister of Henry VIII. She was betrothed in 1507 to the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, but the contract was broken, and in Oct.
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Mary Tudor


Mary I. Born Feb. 18, 1516, in Greenwich; died Nov. 17, 1558, in London. English queen from 1553 to 1558; daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Mary Tudor’s ascension to the throne was accompanied by the restoration of Catholicism (1554) and Catholic reaction, together with harsh repressive measures against supporters of the Reformation (hence her sobriquet, Bloody Mary). In 1554 she married the heir to the Spanish throne, Philip (who became King Philip II of Spain in 1556), which led to closer ties with Catholic Spain. During a war against France (1557-59), which Mary Tudor began in alliance with Spain, England in early 1558 lost Calais, the last English port on the Continent. Mary Tudor’s policies, which conflicted with the national interests of England, provoked sharp discontent among the new gentry and the emerging bourgeoisie.

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