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1. a positive photographic image in colour or black and white produced, usually on paper, from a negative image on film
a. a fabric with a printed design
b. (as modifier): a print dress
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a fabric whose surface is decorated with a printed design. Prints originally were made by hand using blocks with raised designs. Later the term “print” was applied to all fabrics with designs made by printing machines.

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(graphic arts)
A photographic copy made by placing a negative or transparency in contact with a sensitized surface or by projecting the image on a screen or sensitized photographic medium, and then developing the result.
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1. A plaster cast of a flat ornament.
2.See printing.
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PRe-edited INTerpreter.

An early mathematics language for the IBM 705.

[Sammet 1969, p. 134].
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To send information from the computer to an attached printer or to a printer in the network. See preview mode.
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* The test procedure should be largely automatic, including the print-out of the curves as in figure 2.
This unit monitors and records the delivery of fuel oil and provides building managers with a PC display and print-out of the time and date of every delivery, the number of gallons delivered, and an ongoing record of oil remaining in the tank, in inches and gallons.
The system can provide print-outs, product locator maps, and other customer services.
The HP multifunction printer also lessens impact on budget with its affordable running costs while using Original HP toner cartridges can also eliminate expenses associated with using fake and poor-quality cartridges like substandard print-outs, stalled printing jobs and damaged printers which can interrupt workflow.
The inspections are meant to protect business operations from the impacts of using poor quality fake printing products and supplies such as substandard print-outs, stalled printing jobs and damaged printers which can interrupt workflow and incur additional costs.
will not only help make the planning of a trip with others easier, but make the process fun too there's no more scrambling around to find that email confirmation or travelling with a bag full of print-outs.'' Available for iPhone and Android users!
Quimbo or his representatives are also required to bring with them the forensic examination conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Luy's hard drive as well as copies of the digital files of the hard drive and its print-outs.
Some maternity units demand a flat fee for the black-and-white print-outs of ultrasound images.
"Those in charge should study the print-outs and take action against judges who consistently fall below the standard."
Lynsey Colling, prosecuting, said police who seized Winnard's computer also found print-outs in his car and in a hold-all, where they also found children's underwear.