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1958–2016, American singer and songwriter, b. Minneapolis, Minn., as Prince Rogers Nelson. Biracial, slim, and sexily androgynous, he was an electrifying performer who composed hundreds of songs in a blend of funk with rhythm-and-blues, rock, and pop music, often with sexualized lyrics. He also was an instrumental virtuoso who played the guitar, keyboards, and drums among others, and was a record producer and an arranger as well. Among his Top 10 hits were the breakout "Little Red Corvette" (1983) and the title song, "Let's Go Crazy," and "When Doves Cry" from the semiautobiographical film Purple Rain (1984; Academy Award, best original song score), in which he starred. Other hits include "Raspberry Beret" (1985) and "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" (1994). One of the world's best-selling artists and a seven-time Grammy winner, he released 39 albums including Purple Rain (1984), Sign "O" the Times (1987), Dirty Mind (1999), The Rainbow Children (2001), and HITnRUN Phase Two (2015), his last. In the 1990s when a dispute with his record company led him to change his name to a symbol he became known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. His later career was largely sustained by his popular concerts. Prince, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, died of a drug overdose.


See study by B. Greenman (2017).



in the ninth through the 16th century, the head of a feudal monarchichal state of a separate political formation (appanage prince) among the Slavs and some other peoples; a representative of the feudal aristocracy; later, a gentry title.

Originally, the prince was a tribal leader who headed a military democracy. Gradually, the title of prince came to be associated with the head of the early feudal state. The princely authority, which at first had usually been determined by an election, gradually became hereditary (for example, the descendants of Riurik in Rus’, Gediminas and Jagello in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Piast in Poland, and Premysl in Bohemia). In Rus’ and Lithuania princes who were the heads of the big feudal political formations were called grand princes. (However, in countries such as Poland and Bohemia, where the princes were the heads of feudal monarchies, they adopted the title of king.) With the formation of centralized states, the appanage princes gradually became part of the grand prince’s court in Russia (from 1547, the tsar’s court), and in the Polish-Lithuanian state, part of the king’s court.

Until the 18th century the title of prince in Russia could be acquired only by birthright. However, from the early 18th century the tsar bestowed the title on high dignitaries as a reward for special services. (A. D. Menshikov was the first to be granted the title of prince.) After the victory of the October Revolution the title of prince was abolished in Russia by the decree On the Abolition of Estates and Civil Ranks, which was issued by the All-Russian Central Executive Committee on Nov. 10 (23), 1917.

The German term Fürst, which took root in medieval Germany as the name for the representatives of the higher imperial aristocracy, is translated as kniaz’ (prince) in Russian.



the title of a nonreigning member of a royal house or any sovereign house in Western Europe. The prince of Wales is the title of the heir to the British throne. The term is also used to designate the heirs to the throne of certain countries of the Orient, such as Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

What does it mean when you dream about a prince?

Dreaming of royalty may indicate bestowal of honors and recognition upon the dreamer for accomplishments in mastering personal or professional obstacles.


1. (in Britain) a son of the sovereign or of one of the sovereign's sons
2. a nonreigning male member of a sovereign family
3. the monarch of a small territory, such as Monaco, usually called a principality, that was at some time subordinate to an emperor or king
4. any sovereign; monarch
5. a nobleman in various countries, such as Italy and Germany


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