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informed consent,

in medicine, a patient's written consent to a surgical or medical procedure or other course of treatment, given after the physician has told the patient all of the potential benefits, risks, and alternatives involved. Informed consent is also required for participation in clinical studies. The concept of informed consent is based on the principle that a physician has a duty to disclose to a patient information that allows the patient to make a reasonable decision regarding his or her own treatment. There is debate over whether special populations, such as children and the mentally ill, can really be considered to have given informed consent.
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Under the regulation, exports of dangerous chemical substances cannot take place without the prior informed consent of the destination country.
Prior informed consent and hazardous trade; regulating trade in hazardous goods at the intersection of sovereignty, free trade and environmental protection.
The second is Prior Informed Consent by indigenous and other local communities with respect to the use of natural resources that they reside in or upon which they are otherwise dependent.
The 1998 Rotterdam Convention currently requires prior informed consent (PIC) for more than 30 chemicals, meaning an exporting nation must ensure that the substances do not leave its territory without the informed consent of recipient countries.
Their planned rules, would insist upon prior informed consent from governments for deliveries of ships for recycling between states and a reporting system for vessels destined for scrapping.
In essence, the new treaty bans exportation of each listed chemical without the explicit prior informed consent (PIC) of an importing nation (SN: 9/12/.
Tambogrande's story builds on a trend of developing communities' demanding prior informed consent before multinational mining companies can start mining.
Adhere to agreements regarding prior informed consent (re: food donations);
Yet we also recognize that for our sickest patients, some experimentation in the practice of medicine--with prior informed consent of the patient--has to and should occur.
This convention, signed by 73 nations in 1998, is the formalization of a voluntary Prior Informed Consent (PIC) procedure, administered jointly by UNEP and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) since 1989.

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