Pinsk Marshes

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Pinsk Marshes:

see PripyatPripyat
or Pripet
, Pol. Prypeć, river, c.440 mi (710 km) long, rising NW of Kovel, NW Ukraine, near the Polish border, and flowing generally E through the Pripyat Marshes, S Belarus, into the Dnieper River in NE Ukraine.
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48 The Pripet Marshes cover tens of thousands of square miles on the border of which two European countries?
YOU CAN GO a long way in this augmented European Union of ours: from the Aran Isles to the Pripet marshes, from Lapland to Sicily.
The approach also helps suggest links across time and place--between bog peoples of Europe or of New Guinea, the Olmecs practising agriculture in swampy Mesoamerica and those enjoined by Mussolini to drain the Pripet Marshes.