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an urban-type settlement, administrative center of Pristen’ Raion, Kursk Oblast, RSFSR. Railroad station (Rzhava) on the Kursk-Belgorod line, 78 km southeast of Kursk. A railroad branch line (31 km) runs from Pristen’ to Oboian’. A butter factory, a brickyard, and railroad transport enterprises are located in the settlement.

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As the narrative unfolds, Havelok experiences great hardship, including near starvation and exposure to the harsh elements (he is barefoot and clad only in a bit of old sail when he goes to Lincoln in search of work and food [857-926]); threats of physical violence by Godrich (who promises to 'hangen [him] ful heye' or 'pristen vth [his] heie' if he does not marry Goldeboru [1151-52]); and an armed attack by robbers at the greave's house that nearly kills him (1766-1919).