Public Key Infrastructure

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Public Key Infrastructure

(cryptography, communications)
(PKI) A system of public key encryption using digital certificates from Certificate Authorities and other registration authorities that verify and authenticate the validity of each party involved in an electronic transaction.

PKIs are currently evolving and there is no single PKI nor even a single agreed-upon standard for setting up a PKI. However, nearly everyone agrees that reliable PKIs are necessary before electronic commerce can become widespread.



IETF PKIX Working Group.
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Through its newly announced services, Ethentica can ease the deployment and lower the costs of private key infrastructure (PKI) adoption by managing user's private keys and delivering digital signature and other cryptographic services through a global network of partners in an application-service provider (ASP) model.
Among the elements incorporated into the Oberthur solution are Private Key Infrastructure (PKI), digital certificates, application development, software design, card manufacturing and card readers.