Private Branch Exchange

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private branch exchange

[′prī·vət ′branch iks‚chānj]
A telephone exchange serving a single organization, having a switchboard and associated equipment, usually located on the customer's premises; provides for switching calls between any two extensions served by the exchange or between any extension and the national telephone system via a trunk to a central office. Abbreviated PBX.

private branch exchange (PBX)

A private telephone switching system located on the customer’s premises, usually serving an organization (such as a business or government agency). It switches telephone calls within a building and also to an outside telephone network.

Private Branch Exchange

(PBX) A telephone exchange local to a particular organisation who use, rather than provide, telephone services. The earliest PBXs were manual (Private Manual Branch EXchange, PMBX) but are now more likely to be automatic (Private Automatic Branch eXchange).
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Customers can also access Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions, which enable the Managed Private Branch Exchange (PBX) service through cloud based solutions.
the dps will enable new ...Protocol (sip) trunking connectivity, private branch exchange (pbx) solutions hosted private branch exchange (pbx) solutions, landline and mobile call charges, line rentals and isdn connectivity.
YouMail has announced a new application program interface (API) that enables telecom carriers, private branch exchange (PBX) providers, and third-party developers to programmatically determine whether a given phone number is an undesirable robocaller, the company said.
The telecom-service provider's executives pointed out that the joint venture project represents the beginning of the company's investments in various services in the mainland, with value-added 3G services, onboard telematics services, and private branch exchange services likely to be launched on the heels of the call center service.
For companies moving their antiquated Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or hybrid key system to a new office location as a result of their growth or downsizing, NextLevel Internet has announced a cost effective alternative, the company's highly flexible hosted voice service, NextLevel Voice.
In addition to all these benefits, business customers can take advantage of Mena Telecom's Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) service which comes equipped with multiple voice lines without the need to purchase any additional hardware.
* The Voice Switching Lab includes 48-hours of detailed training on REDCOM IGX, AVAYA Private Branch Exchange Vantage Switch, and Switch Multiplexer Unit.
The suite uses a standards-based, secure and scalable software architecture for multivendor private branch exchange environments.
According to the company, Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway can facilitate phased migration from time-division multiplexing (TDM) private branch exchange (PBX) networks to converged Cisco IP telephony and IP communications solutions.
Telephony Application Program Interface, or TAPI, can allow the integration of applications into different telephone private branch exchange systems (PBXs), eliminating the need for additional external and expensive hardware components.
Since every phone needed a stand-alone line to the network, for years the standard academic solution to voice telecommunications was to purchase a Private Branch Exchange (PBX).
subsidiary that makes private branch exchange (PBX) communications equipment as part of a restructuring drive.