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1. any of the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens of a country by its constitution
a. the right of a lawyer to refuse to divulge information obtained in confidence from a client
b. the right claimed by any of certain other functionaries to refuse to divulge information
3. the rights and immunities enjoyed by members of most legislative bodies, such as freedom of speech, freedom from arrest in civil cases during a session, etc.
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the granting of some concession; a partial exemption from fulfilling established rules or obligations (tax privileges or pension privileges) or the easing of the conditions of their fulfillment.

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(1) The rights granted to a single user or group of users who operate a computer. Administrative privileges allow a user the right to make any and all changes in the computer, including setting up accounts for other users. User-level privileges are more restricted. See access rights.

(2) The rights granted to software running in the computer, which determines which hardware and software resources can be accessed and changed. See privileged mode and access mode.
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When Bolivar sought to define the republican bases of a government, he included "the sovereignty of the people, the separation of powers, civil liberties, a ban on slavery, and the abolition of the monarchy and of priviliges." In spite of his consistency and the sacrifices he made for these ideals, there were many times in his history in which these ideals were very difficult to uphold.
They then seek priviliges and/or positions at other facilities either within or without the same state.
Le grand defi pour une sociologie globale, surtout sous forme globalisante, semble etre l'existence des lieux de debat sociologique extremement puissants en Amerique du nord et en Europe, qui, tout en ayant une influence globale, tendent a reproduire les priviliges des associations nationales les plus vastes et les plus puissantes.
New ministerial decrees also include immigration priviliges for foreign direct investors and accelerated import procedures for equipment, plus fiscal incentives including a 30% income tax reduction for 6 years.
To determine the answers to these questions, I began to research the issue of spousal priviliges (1) to ensure that the information obtained or evidence gathered would not be suppressed in future court proceedings.
Coryell, Justice Bushrod Washington wrote that Article IV protects certain "privileges and immunities which are, in their nature, fundamental; which belong, of right, to the citizens of all free governments." These priviliges and immunities include the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the right to acquire and possess property of every kind, and to pursue and obtain happiness and safety; subject nevertheless to such restraints as the government may justly prescribe for the general good of the whole.
The World Intellectual Property Association which operates under the auspices of the United Nations has recently undertaken to persuade the international community to abolish private noncommercial copying priviliges through a proposed "protocol" (a kind of amendment) to the Berne Convention (the principal international copyright treaty).
Clinical Priviliges Committee: The Clinical Priviliges Committee (CPC) reviews the application for credentialing that the applicant has training, competence, licensure or registration to perform in the proposed area.
The meeting has reviewed aspects of joint cooperation , the authority investments in sudan and the new investment act for the year 2013 and its priviliges for the investors .
Under cross-examination by Nigel Rumfitt QC, representing defendant Marcus Ellis, Brown denied making up his testimony to get better priviliges in jail.