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contest or race, usually a horse race, on which a lottery is run. Prizes are awarded to the holders of winning tickets. In the case of a horse race, the draw is made from the names of all the horses entered in the race and vast numbers of blanks. Thus most ticket holders draw blanks, while only a few draw the name of a horse. In some sweepstakes, prizes are awarded to persons holding tickets bearing the name of horses that win, place, and show, while in others prizes are given also to those whose tickets bear the names of all the horses that started in the race. In still another form of sweepstakes, the tickets sold bear numbers, some of which are to be assigned to the horses that will run in the race. The term sweepstakes may also refer to the total amount of money contributed. The Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes is probably the most popular in existence today. Because of a scandal over the Louisiana lottery, the U.S. Congress in 1890 passed a law making it illegal in the United States to import, to send through the mails, or to ship in interstate commerce any sweepstakes tickets. In 1963 a legal state sweepstakes lottery was initiated in New Hampshire to provide funds for state education. Other states soon followed with similar lotteries.


(esp US), sweepstakes
a. a lottery in which the stakes of the participants constitute the prize
b. the prize itself
2. any event involving a lottery, esp a horse race in which the prize is the competitors' stakes
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Ahlibank customers are eligible for entry into the prize draw by depositing QR500 for a minimum of seven days in either an Al Rabeh Savings Account or by investing in a savings certificate (This is the shortest qualifying period and the lowest balance required for a bank prize draw of this kind).
This incentivised campaign involves four local authorities, each contributing PS1,500 towards the PS6,000 prize draw.
Every additional [pounds sterling]5 spent in the Rainbow Riches Bingo Room gets one extra prize draw entry so the more each member plays, the more chance they'll have of winning.
People are receiving their money alongside a letter or visit from a local trading standards officer informing them that they have been a victim of a prize draw scam.
Thursday 1st August - Wednesday 7th August 2013 LIVE prize draw @ Midday From Thursday 8th August LIVE prize draw @ 8pm
Plus because we are feeling the spring in the air, at Sinclair Seat Swansea only, we are also offering our customers a free daily 'incentivo extra' test drive prize draw.
This prize draw is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to not just get a great vehicle but also get away from it all.
com *Terms & conditions apply Prize draw is applicable to customers that receive a full quotation from New Generation Flooring for Karndean design flooring including installation.
A company spokesperson said, 'This prize draw offers those who dream of the perfect holiday home the chance to get an impressive amount of cash taken off.
All net proceeds from the prize draw will be invested in many potential stars hoping to follow in the steps of Aiden McGeady, Shaun Maloney and more recently James Forrest.
Business leaders and entrepreneurs who may be interested in joining will have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw each week, for four weeks for one of the prizes put forward by its 18 members.
The prize draw is open to all UK residents over the age of 50 with a permanent UK address, Employees and retirees of Acromas Group, MGN, and their families, households and agents are not eligible to enter.