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Probitas, asteroid 902 (the 902d asteroid to be discovered, on September 3, 1918), is approximately 12 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.8 years. Its name is a personification of the Latin word for “probity” or “uprightness.” In a natal chart, Probitas’s location by sign and house indicates where and how one is most likely to be honest and upright. When afflicted by inharmonious aspects, Probitas may show improbity or projecting a false image of integrity. If prominent in a chart (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant), it can show a person of exceptional integrity, or an individual for whom integrity is a major life theme.


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En su comentario sobre De Oratore, Wisse argumenta que, desde el momento en que Craso afirma que la probitas y la summa prudentia necesitan unirse con el conocimiento, estas son cualidades independientes.
Summary: Probitas Partners, the global alternative investment firm, announced today that it has added James Coleman and Vincent le Hodey to its London office.
* Ovidio, Epistulae ex Ponto, I, 9, 39-40: [Si modo] non census et clarum nomen avorum, | sed probitas magnos ingeniumque fadt [Lo que hace a los grandes, no es la riqueza ni el ilustre nombre de los abuelos, sino la probidad y el ingenio].
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The notes to the former provide useful definitions of key terms such as passio and probitas; in the case of obscure phrases, they often quote alternatives from other published translations, thus allowing the reader to form a sense of the spectrum of possible interpretations.
Today, reading through Ralph Baruch's 366-page book (published by Los Angeles-based Probitas Press), one discovers that he too came from an engineering background, having, in 1943, taken a job as a recording engineer after learning from a technical book loaned to him by a friend who could afford to take the classes.
258v): "Beneficentia enim ac probitas barbaros ipsos sibi conciliar et devincit, et servata fides apud quosvis populos efferatos, nedum apud Christianos, qui soli Deum sapiunt et colunt, laude ac gloria extolli ac (ut sic dicam) Oceanum ultra diffundi ac vulgari solet"; for the foreign peoples who acknowledged Isabel's uniqueness (fol.
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Probitas Pharma SA., Marina, 16/18, Torre Mapfre, Planta 26, 08005 Barcelona, Spain.
/ Non genus aut probitas in sponsa quaeritur: aurum / Haec facit, et formam comprobat esse bonam." Quoted in Garin, 1956, 548.
Probitas Pharma (formerly Grupo Grifols) a privately held corporation headquartered in Barcelona, Spain was founded in 1940.