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The part of the apical meristematic tissue from which primary vascular tissues are derived.



the lateral meristem of a plant from which are differentiated the primary vascular tissues and bundles. The procambium arises in the form of meristematic strands in the growing point of a shoot when leaf traces appear, or it develops in the form of a solid cylinder (or ring) in the growing point of the root in the middle of the primary meristem. The procambium is characterized by intensive longitudinal cell growth and by the elongated (prosenchymal) shape of the cells. Cell division occurs in various directions, with vascular tissues— primary xylem and phloem—arising from the cells. After the formation of vascular tissues in the bundles of gymnospermous and dicotyledonous plants, the procambium functions as cambium. In monocotyledonous plants, the procambium is exhausted completely during the differentiation of closed vascular bundles in the tissue.

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Within the transition zone tissue differentiation begins with the establishment of the primary histogenes, as are the protoderm, procambium, and the quickly extending groundhistogen (Sachs, 1991:131) which produce during further growth the final tissue organization of the adult vegetation body (final histogenesis: Hagemann 1999).
In Figure 4 (i to vi), procambium, which will give rise to vascular bundles, is observed above the embryonic axis, passing through its lateral, distributing in an ordered way, as it distances from the embryonic axis, it follows branching, becoming peripheral near the protoderm, and remaining thus in all its distal region.
This auxin resulted in a well-defined procambium, a clear delimitation of the protoderm layer and signs of polarization, which are important features for further maturation of the somatic embryo and the effective conversion into plants.
In MLG, vascular bundles were unaffected, probably due to the end of procambium maturation by the time of ovipositon.
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As the shoot grows, the leaf traces become displaced with reference to the center of the apex as a consequence of the PTM and the elongation of procambium in the plane of the highest number of cell divisions, which must necessarily be circumferential.
Desarrollo del procambium y los tejidos vasculares de la hoja.
It may well be that differences among workers in the criteria they use for the identification of differentiating meristematic tissue as "procambium" as opposed to "residual meristem" or "developing ground tissue" can lead to major differences in interpretation in such studies (e.g., Meicenheimer, 1986).