Procession of the Decorated Horse

Decorated Horse, Procession of the

Between May 21 and June 24; Corpus Christi
According to legend, during the Crusades the ship in which the French King Louis IX was traveling and bearing the Eucharist was wrecked on the beach at Brindisi, Puglia province, Italy. The local archbishop salvaged the sacred Host and carried it with him as he rode through the town on a white horse. To commemorate this event, the current archbishop of Brindisi carries the Most Holy Sacrament in a procession that takes place on Corpus Christi each year. He rides at the head of the procession on a white horse caparisoned in gold, passing through galleries of silk draperies and a constant rain of flowers thrown by spectators. This event is sometimes referred to as the Procession of the Caparisoned Horse .
Corpus Christi is celebrated with flowers and colorful processions in other Italian towns and villages as well—those occurring at Genzano and Perugia, Umbria province, being among the more spectacular.
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