Procurator's Office

Procurator’s Office


in some countries, a special state body that supervises the investigation of criminal cases. The first procurator’s office was established in France at the turn of the 14th century. In Russia, the office was created by Peter I in 1722. In the USSR and other socialist countries, the procurator’s office exercises the highest supervision over the strict observance of the laws.

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A spokesman for the Procurator's office said last night: "Presumably the police are going to report him for breach of the peace, on the basis that if he did it, then it could have led to some crowd trouble.
A report was sent to the fiscal procurator's office in Aberdeen but no further action was taken.
He said: "It is absolutely ridiculous at any time that the Procurator's office should suggest to the police that they should change their approach to presenting cases to them.