Production List

Production List


an integrated list of all goods produced by industry. In the USSR, a uniform system of planning and reporting based on production lists has been established. According to the amount of detail required, such lists may be extended, specifying the type, trademark, major features, dimensions, reference numbers, and grade of various articles; or grouped, merging selected aspects of the extended list into unified categories under a single name. Summary planning lists are the most condensed production lists.

In the national economic plan, production lists include the most important kinds of output that in turn determine the basic links between economic sectors and entire republics. The lists used in planning for sectors and individual ministries contain more detail. They include output that constitutes a part of national plan fulfillment; output that is distributed by the State Committee for Material-Technical Supply of the Council of Ministers of the USSR to meet nationwide needs and to ensure scheduled deliveries between sectors and republics; new types of output that pertain primarily to development of the sector but are counted toward national plan fulfillment; and items that ensure balanced proportions within and between sectors and regular cooperative deliveries.

The plan for the development of each Union republic, which involves both Union-republic and local subordination, includes a production list that is approved in the national economic plan and that consists of products that are particularly important for development of the economy of the Union republic. A detailed production list becomes part of the plan of each enterprise, based on assignments received from superior bodies and taking into account orders received through direct links with customers and with marketing and trading organizations. Along with the list of semifinished goods and cooperative deliveries, a production list of output that is consumed internally is also maintained. The working out of a national economic plan, as well as the plans of the ministeries and departments of the USSR and of the Union republics, requires that output be measured to correspond to the indexes used in drawing up the national economic plan.


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During the recent post-election gun-buying craze, demand surged for models that were already known and desired, bumping these new guns to the back of the production list.
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Reports suggested that Helmand was a key center for drug traders as the province topped opium production list last year in Afghanistan.
Each company runs single-window job runs, and each line has the capability to add windows into any position on the production list for almost instant production.
A steel processing company in Cleveland believed computerizing its production list was helpful because managers had constant access to the list of jobs that were in process.
As orders are entered into the Compound Manager system they appear on a production list.
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